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Future Leaders for Consulting and Human Resources Development is one of the distinguished companies in the United Arab Emirates that offers an integrated and coordinated set of training programs and workshops designed for the public and private sectors. The various training and advisory services provided by future leaders contribute effectively to spreading knowledge, building capabilities and skills, and preparing manpower required by sustainable development plans

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We seek excellence in the quality and quality of the services that we provide to the beneficiaries, and we believe that strength lies in union and building alliances with distinguished local and international houses of expertise. Therefore, we have adopted a policy of building strategic partnerships and joining alliances with companies, institutions, consulting offices and local, regional and international houses of expertise. The company may temporarily ally with some houses of expertise in order to participate in the completion of a specific project, so that the partner has a comparative advantage that the company does not have at the present time In order for the alliance with this partner to achieve added value for all parties, or for the alliance to be continuous and permanent so that the capabilities available to us and a partner unite in the face of competition, which increases our chance of winning when it is ahead of the competitions offered to provide our services.

Programs & Consulting

We provide our consulting services in accordance with the standards and foundations of professional consulting business, distinguished by the efficiency of our advisory team, which includes a group of qualified consultants and experts, and we have a continuously updated information base

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The future movement relies on a variety of training methods and techniques. You use to be more of an increase in bulk Depending on the subject of the training and the level of attendance

Future Leaders

Consulting and human resource development

It is a training and consulting company headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. It started its work since 1997 and included many specialized accreditations in the field of professional training. It worked in accordance with internationally recognized vocational training standards to meet the needs of many governmental and private institutions around the world. It specializes in organizing and reviewing the pillars of the training process for integrated system programmes. It consists of (training entity - trainer - scientific material) and its main objective is to provide training and advisory services and strategic solutions


About Us

It has agents, representatives and partnerships in various countries of the world, where it seeks to provide Its services in the regional and international environment. Believing in putting a fingerprint in a field Developing and developing human resources and work environments for all entities and companies organizations and individuals, according to specific plans, to provide distinguished services that combine The needs of the labor market, and what is new in the field of training and development and consulting

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Special Training courses & Programmes

Through the following link, you can request to hold a training course / training program for your institution.،
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We Bring Innovations

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We believe that the personal and professional success of our employees is the success of our organization and work To attract talented individuals and give them the support and tools to succeed. Our mission is to make every employee of our staff a successful person within our organization